Margarita Island

Margarita Island, is a magic land for its landscapes and beautiful contrasts, where the sea, valleys and the mountains combine and transmit this mesmerizing mystery perfect harmony. Marine sunsets which combines infinite colors a fireball immersed in the horizon that keeps for himself the myths, legends, tales and fantasies carried for generations.

Birds on their flight and man skimming the infinite sea and surrounded by nature, all born of a diversity which has contributed to the differences that make up the vast Venezuelan geography, well-defined human types. This is how the neoespartano has been characterized by its simplicity and friendly behavior. It is chatty and has great skill for craft work, music and outdoor work. Their world revolves around the sea, there his great skill in fishing and in the practice of water sports, but they are also fans of baseball and basketball, are very friendly and enjoy much his spare time playing domino and cards with their relatives. The margariteño loves their land and jealously keeps its customs and traditions.

So come enjoy casinos, 5 star hotels, discos, international cuisines, new shopping centers, historic sites, shops of renowned brands, golf courses, aquatic centers, idyllic beaches, all this and more awaits for you